Get married at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.

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About the photo: Mystic Aquarium is fortunate to have Juno, a Beluga while, as a resident of the Arctic Coast exhibit. Juno especially loves brides dressed in white; he thinks they're another Beluga. Grooms and other people dressed in dark colors he thinks are seals.

About the photo: Juno loves all weddings and he hams it up for elopements at Mystic Aquarium. Sometimes it looks as if he's cheering for the couple.

About the photo: The Internet loves pictures of kittens and puppies, but what could be cuter than a penguin parent and its chick? This larger-than-life sculpture stands at the entrance to the African Penguin exhibit. Lots of good backgrounds here for wedding photos!

About the photo: The penguins' rocky rookery is a nice background for a wedding. You can have an underwater view of the penguins' antics while staying dry, thanks to a window-lines tunnel.

About the photo: There are several nooks and crannies at Mystic Aquarium where we can have a little privacy for an elopement.

About the photo: Mystic Aquarium has several touch-tanks throughout the exhibits. The rays are gentle creatures and will not sting you! You can literally touch them and feed them. The rays seem to fly through the water, so close that you can touch them; they enjoy your touch.

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