Frequently asked questions about your romantic wedding in Connecticut.

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“Do we have to exchange wedding rings?”

“Do we need rings to be married?”

No! You do not need rings to be legally married!

See a Wikipedia Article about traditional and modern wedding rings.

One alternative to a wedding ring exchange is a handfasting.

On the other hand (quite literally) you may decide to give only one ring. The Wikipedia Article mentions some alternatives to traditional wedding rings.

“After you marry me and my sweetheart, where should I change my last name?”

Thank you for asking! A where to change your name after marriage Page has been added to this website.

Because I am not an attorney, I am not permitted to give anyone legal advice. The best that I can legally offer you is a list of suggestions. Please contact an attorney licensed to practice law where you live if you need legal advice.

“How do we get our marriage license in Connecticut?”

You will get your marriage license in the town where you will have your wedding.

In most cases, you will apply for your marriage license at the town clerk's office at town hall. In the case of Hartford and other major Connecticut cities, you would get your license at the office of vital statistics in city hall. Please be aware that during the COVID-19 Pandemic you may have to make an appointment to get your marriage license.

Connecticut no longer requires blood tests for marriage licenses.

There is no waiting period between when you receive your wedding license and when you can have your wedding. You can get married on the same day you get your license.

Please note that town clerks' offices are not open on weekends.

You must have your wedding ceremony within 65 days of receiving your license. (Note The 65-day expiration time may have been temporarily lengthened due to the COVID-19 Pandemic! Please check with the Town Clerk’s Office where you get your marriage license.) If you do not have a wedding ceremony within the limited number of days, your marriage license becomes invalid; you will have to apply for a new marriage license.

The minimum age in Connecticut to get married without your parent's permission is 18. There may be exceptions in specific cases.

Each of you will need photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport, when you apply for your marriage license.

You will each have to provide some basic information on your marriage license application, such as your full name, place and date of birth, current mailing address, years of education, mother's and father's names and places of birth. (Not knowing specific information about a parent will not prevent you from getting your marriage license.)

You each will state on your marriage license application the number of times that you have previously been married, if any. If one or both of you has been married before, you will not need proof that you are divorced or that your former spouse has died.

Each of you will take an oath that the information that you have provided on your application is true.

In nearly all cases, you can apply for your marriage license and receive it the same day. If the Town Clerk's Office is not busy, you could receive your license within a half-hour of walking in.

You both must go in person to apply for your marriage license; nobody else can apply on your behalf. Also, both of you must personally sign your marriage license when it is ready.

The cost of a Connecticut marriage license is now $50.00.

“How do we prove that we're legally married?”

A certified copy of your marriage license is proof that you are legally married.

After you have had your wedding and I have returned your marriage license to the place that issued it, you may get a certified copy. (The only kind of copy that town halls will make is a certified copy.)

If you want to elope in Connecticut, you can get your marriage license, get married, and get your certified copy on the same day (if you time things correctly).

You may have to fill out a form to get your certified copy. In most places in Connecticut, only a member of the married couple can obtain a certified copy of a marriage license.

Connecticut has set $20.00 as the fee for a certified copy of a marriage license.

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