Have Your Wedding at Heavitree B&B in Griswold, Connecticut.

Heavitree B&B is a rustic wedding venue full of modern amenities.

About the photo: Heavitree B&B overlooks Geer Tree Farm and the rolling hills of Griswold, Connecticut

The 18th century building is probably the first thing that you’ll notice when you arrive.

The building is the original B&B, saved from destruction, moved, and repurposed.

About the photo: Heavitree B&B of Griswold, Connecticut is in a building from the 1700s.

Outside views of your rustic wedding venue

About the photo: One of your potential wedding ceremony areas with rustic arch
About the photo: Heavitree rustic wedding arch overlooking the tree farm
About the photo: Another potential wedding area, just up the hill
About the photo: Side view of the mini-patio and rustic garden

Inside views of Heavitree B&B’s wedding reception area

About the photo: Heavitree B&B’s elegant and modern wedding reception area
About the photo: Your sweetheart table is near the DJ booth
About the photo: For your romantic wedding reception, would you prefer silver ...
...or would you like gold better?

Charlotte Geer, owner and proprietor of Heavitree B&B, is highly focused on customer service and considers your every need.

Some of her touches include providing you with choices and options that other wedding venues don’t even think about, such as the gold and silver chargers shown above.

Your DJ will be happy that Charlotte Geer has provided a DJ booth and an active speaker!

To learn more about Heavitree and why your wedding guests will rave about the amenities and customer service, please visit HeavitreeBB.Com

Heavitree B&B is located at 78 Oakville Rd, Jewett City, Connecticut 06351. You can call 860-884-0936 to ask questions and make reservations.

Did I mention that I’d love to be your wedding officiant? Just call or text 860-543-2334 for a friendly chat! No obligation!

You would get your marriage license at the Griswold Town Clerk’s Office at 28 Main St, Jewett City, CT 06351. You can reach the Town Clerk or her assistant at 860-376-7060 extension 2100.

Call or text 860-543-2334 for free help or advice.

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