Get married in Stonington, Connecticut

Sunrise and sunset weddings or elopements are especially easy.

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About the photo: Sunset seen from duBois Beach on Stonington Point in the Borough of Stonington, Connecticut (photo by Ernest Adams, Connecticut Justice of the Peace)

The Borough of Stonington is sometimes called “The Village of Stonington, Connecticut”.

In addition to lovely places for your marriage ceremony, The Borough has quaint shops, restaurants, and places to stay.

To get to The Borough, tell your GPS you want to go to 7 Water Street, Stonington, CT. (That’s the Stonington Lighthouse Museum.)

Sunrise seen from Stonington Point in Stonington, Connecticut across Little Narragansett Bay from Watch Hill, Rhode Island.
Beach wedding with symbolic guests on duBois Beach in Stonington, CT
Romantic couple ready to elope at the Stonington Lighthouse Museum in the Borough of Stonington, Connecticut
Eloping couple ready to get married in the Lamp Room of the Stonington Lighthouse Museum in the Borough of Stonington, Connecticut
Handsome groom reads his vows to his breatiful bride high in the tower of the Stonington Lighthouse Museum
Beautiful bride shares her wedding vows, making us all misty-eyed, in the Lamp Room of Stonungton’s Lighthouse Museum
The new Mr. & Mrs. share their first kiss as a married couple. Best wishes for a long, happy life together!
Microwedding with two Maids of Honor at Stonington Point. Or were they two Best Ladies?
Wayland's Wharf with its gazebo was a gift from Chandler Wayland to the ''People of the Borough'' in 1921. The sun was setting when this photo was taken.
Captain Nathaniel B. Pakmer's House is a National Historic Landmark and is available for tours and Stonington weddings.

Sunrise and sunset marriage ceremonies in Stonington, Connecticut

It’s easy to find out when the sun will rise and set on any specific date: SunriseSunset.Com is free.

In “Choose a location”, select “Stonington”, then your desired month and year, click “Make Calendar” and you will get a detailed calendar.

General Stonington, Connecticut marriage information:

If you get married in Stonington, Connecticut, you will get your marriage license at the Stonington Town Clerk’s Office, in Stonington Town Hall, 152 Elm Street, Stonington, CT 06378. The Town Clerk’s Office phone number is 860-535-5060.

A few weeks before your marriage ceremony (a maximum of 64 days before your ceremony!), you will need to get your marriage license by following these steps:

  1. Call the Stonington Town Clerk’s Office to make an appointment to get your marriage license.
  2. The Town Clerk, or her assistant, will probably give you a link to Stonington’s website for a printable marriage license worksheet.
  3. Download the worksheet and print it out. It is not your marriage license! It is just an application!
  4. Fill out the worksheet in black ink to the best of your ability. (Call or text me if you’d like instructions provided by a friendly Town Clerk!)
  5. If you honestly don’t know the answer to a specific question, just write “unknown” if you can’t find out (from a parent, for example).
  6. Take your marriage license worksheet with you to your appointment at the Stonington Town Clerk’s Office.
  7. Give the person who helps you at the Town Clerk’s Office your completed worksheet plus $50.00.
  8. The person who helps you will type your data onto an official marriage license form and print it.
  9. You and your spouse-to-be must proofread your printed marriage license carefully before you sign it!
  10. You must give your original marriage license to me (your wedding officiant) before your marriage ceremony can begin!
  11. By Connecticut law, I must file your marriage license myself; I am not permitted to give it back to you!
  12. Because I live relatively nearby, I will file your license on the next day the Town Clerk’s Office is open.

Call or text 860-543-2334 for free help or advice.

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