Get Married in Mystic River Park, in Historic Downtown Mystic, Connecticut

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Mystic River Park is on the east bank of the Mystic River, less than a block from historic downtown Mystic's Bascule bridge, quaint shops, and a just few steps from restaurants. This photo is looking from the south walkway on the Mystic River Bridge toward the northwest corner of the Park and the boardwalk.

Benches along the boardwalk provide seating to watch the boats go by on the Mystic River. There’s enough room for your wedding or to elope.

Historic Downtown Mystic has places to stay, such as the Steamboat Inn, and outstanding restaurants, such as S&P Oyster House, and even simple fare such as RISE. It's a short walk up the hill to the original, real Mystic Pizza. (Just don't expect to see Julia Roberts.)

Even in warm summer weather, Mystic River Park has some shade for comfort. Notice the Bascule Bridge going up in the background and the nice yacht tied up near the boardwalk. This couple loved their elopement.

The Schooner Argia boards across the Mystic River from the Park She offers sails several times a day down the Mystic River and out into Long Island Sound where you can see three states at a glance. In this photo the Argia is beginning boarding for the sunset cruise.

The schooner Argia sails smoothly down the Mystic River from Mystic, Connecticut out into the waters of Long Island Sound. The Argia has enough room aboard for an entire wedding with guests, and gracefully enables elopements as well. You'd love your wedding aboard the Argia! She usually sails from May through October. (The captain of the Argia sometimes lets newly-married couples have their pictures taken at the wheel, but I can't make any promises.)

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